We're dedicated to empowering through communication.

And we know that to truly make a difference in people's lives, we need the support of exceptional partners. As a channel-centric company, we never sell direct and always support your interests whether you buy one unit or 10,000.

Xilica One is our way of rewarding you for your continued investment in us, because when we join together as one, we're unstoppable.

Discover Xilica one

There's more to partnership than just the right product.

Xilica One rewards resellers who leverage our award-winning solutions for small and medium business, enterprise, education and government. It mirrors the innovation within our product lines by continually expanding, evolving and delivering new value to meet the needs of our partner community. With resellers at the heart of what we do, Xilica One delivers strong rewards across three key targets for our partners:


Increase profitability and maximize revenue as a Xilica One Partner.


Increase win rate and enter new, adjacent markets with Xilica's competitive solutions, while enhancing your position in the marketplace.


Unlock new value and increase customer retention by creating solutions that help people communicate and collaborate more effectively.

We’ve always believed that we achieve more together. With its ongoing investment and innovation, the Xilica One Partner Program is a continuation of our commitment to successful partnerships that focus on simple, profitable and predictable growth.